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The Osteopathic Clinic Cavan has been open since 2008. It provides the perfect location and environment for osteopathic treatment.

It is on the outskirts of Cavan town so is easily found taking the stress out of having to go into town and finding parking.

The practice has grown significantly through word of mouth but I also receive referrals from other practitioners, such as doctors, midwifes, physical therapists and physiotherapists.

The treatments are covered by all major health insurance companies so you can claim some money back. More about us

What Is Osteopathy?

  • Osteopathy is a system of manual medicine which complements conventional medicine.

    In health, the body should be able to adapt to the daily demands placed on it but sometimes events occur which are too much for the body to correct itself without assistance.

    This is where Osteopathy can help. ............Read more


Babies & Infants

"We tried everything for reflux from changing his bottle to thickened formula but nothing.."

Are You pregnant?

Pregnancy is a unique and powerful experience. Enormous physical, hormonal and emotional..

arrange Treatment

To arrange a treatment or simply to ask for some friendly advice on a condition..

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