What is colic?

Colic is inconsolable crying that seems to be worse in the evening. It can affect breast and bottle fed babies. There are many theories as to what causes it but no-one has a definite answer.It is linked with immaturity of the baby’s digestive system, lactose intolerance and stress during the pregnancy.
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How does osteopathy help colic?

There are a number of ways osteopathy helps colic and research has shown that it is effective at reducing the symptoms. It is quite common that the base of the head can need some treatment since it can get compressed during the delivery. One of the nerves to the stomach passes through there and this can get irritated as a result. This can contribute to colic.

The diaphragm is another area that can be affected during the delivery. This can affect the digestive system since it acts to massage the guts but if it is not working effectively then this won’t be happening and can contribute to colic. Finally the treatment is known to have a relaxing effect on the baby for those that may have  had a stressful pregnancy/delivery.

Does it hurt the baby?

No it is very gentle. However the baby may cry since the head and neck can be quite sensitive.

How many treatments will it entail?
That depends on the case history and examination. Generally babies respond quite quickly.



Symptoms of Colic

• Difficulty winding the baby

• Crying

• Unsettled

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