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  About me, my practice & passion for what I do.

I studied Biomedical Science in the University of Ulster and worked in microbiology before undertaking my Osteopathic degree.

Following my graduation from the European School of Osteopathy in Kent, UK, I worked in Skerries Osteopathic Clinic and my own clinic in Cavan. Since August 2010, due to the increased demand for appointments, I now concentrate on clients from my clinic in Cavan.

I have a particular interest in the field of cranial and visceral manipulation and its application on adults and infants. I continue to expand my technical skills in these areas with regular ongoing postgraduate courses.

Aswell as treating various sports people in the including, GAA and rugby players, triathletes, and golfers, I am an enthusiastic sportswoman and have competed in various sports over the years, including long distance running, triathlons, basketball, rugby, tag rugby and football.

I am registered with the Osteopathic Council of Ireland (OCI). I am also a registered practitioner with Vhi, Laya, Irish life and Aviva.

► Constance


I’m a french osteopath, graduated from the Institut des Hautes EtudesOstéopathiques (France) in 2017. Ever since, I improved my practice and added moreexperiences by working alongside several osteopaths, working differently and whom taughtme a lot.

Those last 3 years of practice have been really important and a growing period forme, especially those 2 years working in downtown Montreal. The patients always on the go, asking for efficient results and “quick fix” , pretty stressed out, with high expectations towards themselves and me.

So it has been a growth period for me in a way that I’ve learned how toidentify the person in front of me more precisely, their needs and define with them their goal and what they expect from me.For me, Osteopathy is, observation, perseverance, communication
and also (if not most of all) - team work.

During consultations, I like defining patient’s objectives and expectations towards our work, and I adapt my progression plan to the one they canhave with other therapists. I’m always available if other practitioners want to communicate with me about my work plan.

I also treat patients like if they were part of my family and welcome them in a “safeplace”. I’m here as a support, I meet them where they are, I listen to them, judgment free and I’m looking forward to meet you, to talk to you more about my love for my work andthe work we could do together .

Constance is Registered with the Osteopathic Council of Ireland (OCI) and also a registered practitioner with Vhi, Laya, Irish life and Aviva.

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