"Early in my pregnancy I was experiencing lower-back pain

caused by an existing back condition for which I'd already had surgery. Faced with nine months of discomfort and the possibility that pain would increase as the pregnancy progressed, I decided to explore alternative treatments. I visited Lorraine at her practice in Cavan and after just three treatments I was practically pain free.

As the months passed, my back pain didn't return but I continued to attend Lorraine for relief from pregnancy-related aches and pains. Her treatment and manipulations are very gentle, which is well suited to pregnancy, and I found the sessions very relaxing and effective." Ursula

“I am a 29 year old who is 6 months pregnant with my second child. I suffered a great deal with back and pubic pain in my first pregnancy because one of my vertebrae was rubbing against my sciatic nerve so I underwent intense physiotherapy.

Unfortunately it didn’t provide me with any relief and I found the process itself quite painful. When the pains returned during this pregnancy a friend of mine suggested that I go to see Lorraine Bennett. Having seen Lorraine for one session I felt immediately better and actually enjoyed the treatment as it is quite a gentle therapy.

From this appointment I was no longer suffering any back pain and I was able to walk, drive and sleep properly for the first time in ages. Therefore I would have no qualms about recommending Lorraine to anyone experiencing pregnancy related back pain.” Eugenea.


"Due to a bad car crash in my late teens & owning to the injuries I received,

I’ve had to endure years of chronic back pain. I’ve tried all sorts of treatments & medication but with every day life my injuries kept resurfacing.

I’m now in my thirties & in July 2010, 3 months pregnant, my back already acting up & physio never quite getting rid of my pain, the prospects of carrying a wee bundle for another 6months looked miserable. Through a family member I arranged to see Lorraine the Osteopath in Cavan & I’ve never looked back.

She diagnosed problems which all connected, from my headaches, neck stiffness, shoulder stiffness, trapped nerves, and pain across my middle & lower back & over a number of sessions treated the lot.

I’m in my third trimester & for the past few months have been attending Lorraine for a monthly maintenance of Osteo & Cranial therapy. I’ve loved every minute of my pregnancy & do believe the treatment I’ve been receiving contributed to this!"Ash x


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