Why do babies need
to see an Osteopath?

The birth of a baby is the most stressful event of its life. The baby is subjected to huge forces as the womb pushes to get the baby out while at the same time the baby is twisting to squeeze through the bony pelvis.

The baby’s head can mould and change shape in response to these stresses. The distortions in the head are usually resolved naturally after the birth with crying and suckling.

However there are many reasons why the labour can be difficult for both mum and baby. As a result, the baby may not be able to fully resolve the effects of the birth so the baby has to accommodate these strains as he grows.

This can cause the baby to be physically uncomfortable and therefore unhappy.

These unresolved birth stresses and the body’s adaptation to them can be the root of many of the different problems in children and adults, such as colic or difficulty latching on in babies to chronic headaches or learning difficulties in children.

"It was terrible what Shane & I were going through.  We had tried everything for reflux from changing his bottle to thickened formula but nothing worked.  For months I watched him drink bottles and throw them back up crying with pain and loosing weight.  We could never leave the house due to this problem and I could not leave Shane with anyone.
Then I heard about Osteopathy for babies from a friend, so I phoned directory enquiries and found Lorraine’s number..."

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Osteopathy for Babies

But my baby was born by cesarean section?

The baby may have had an unusual lying position, he may have been cramped or head down for an excessive period in the womb.

These can all cause torsions, strains or compressions in different parts of his body. Also, the speed of an elective section can cause irritation of the nervous system.

But my baby’s birth was very quick?

As I mentioned above, the baby’s position in the womb can have caused torsions, strains or compressions in different parts of his body.

Also, the very quick delivery can cause irritation of the nervous system.


What happens during a treatment?

Before Osteopathic treatment, a detailed case history will be taken covering all aspects from the pregnancy right up to the present day.  A full assessment will be performed followed by gentle treatment which is aimed at releasing any tensions or tight areas in the body. The treatment will include cranial osteopathic techniques and gentle joint articulations...........................

Osteopathy for babies can often help..

•Changes of behavior or sleep pattern.
•Recurrent illness.
•Digestive difficulties, colic, reflux constipation.
•Falls & accidents.

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