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How does osteopathy help?

Osteopaths look at the whole body and take a very extensive medical history to understand how your body is working. It may be that your neck got sore while you were reversing your car but on examination and history the osteopath may find that it was a combination of the poor posture, bad swimming technique, and a car accident that happened years ago. The act of turning your head was enough to overload your body’s compensatory mechanism.

How many sessions?

This is very individual and depends on factors such as your age and the condition of your body. Some people only need one or two sessions whereas others need many more over a longer period of time.

Will it hurt?
Some of the techniques used may be uncomfortable.

  • Will I be sore after the treatment?

    Some people are sore the day or two afterwards. They compare it to a soreness you can get after doing exercise you are not used to. This is normal since your body is re-adjusting.



Common Causes of neck pain

• Muscle strain
• Ligament sprain
• Facet joint inflammation
• Prolapsed intervertebral disc
• Disc bulge
• Degeneration of the cervical spine/osteoarthritis in cervical spine
• Inflammation around a disc
• Referral from the shoulder

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