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So, What to expect in a treatment..

"I've never been to an Osteopath, what happens?"

The appointment will begin with a thorough case history, including the current complaint but also previous medical history.
It is important that I have as much information about any surgeries, accidents and traumas that you may have suffered in the past, even if they happened when you were a child. It is also important that I know what sports you participate in and what the nature of your job is.

Then, I will ask you to remove your outer clothing so that I can see how your body moves. I will ask you to perform some movements standing and I will assess your posture while you stand. When you are lying down I will perform some more tests and start treatment. For your comfort and to make it easier for me to treat you, I do recommend that you wear comfortable, loose clothing and preferably not jeans!.

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fees & pricing

► First appointment for adults with Lorraine - €80
► Following appointments adults with Lorraine - €70
► Babies & children - €65
► Appointments with Associates - €65

There are discounts for families depending on the age of the children, number of members attending and the length of appointment they may require.

The length of appointment will vary depending on how quickly your tissues respond to treatment. This may be why a baby or young child will not need very much time at all for an appointment. So it does not reflect the effectiveness of a treatment session.



Clinic opening Hours

Monday : 9am - 8pm

Tuesday : 7.30am - 9pm

Wed : 7.30am -9pm

Thursday : 8am - 8pm

Friday : 9am - 6pm

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